NZACS members are often asked for a certificate, when this was never intended or provided for within the AAS.  Often it is in relation to whether or not the works are suitable for occupation to facilitate bank funding, or it may be a request from a Project Manager to cover off their role in the project. 

The architect would be justified in seeking additional remuneration for this additional architectural service. 

Such certification carries an additional litigation risk, and the architect is entitled to factor in this risk and cost when assessing fees either at the outset, or as a variation to the agreed services. 

Where the Project Manager has been appointed after the architect was appointed, the architect should not be required to be put in the position of having to be the “underwriter” or backstop for the Project Manager’s responsibilities.

NZIA has recently published Practice Note 1.227 “Clause Options, Certificates and Statements”.  If you are faced with having to provide a certificate or statement, we recommend that you read and use that Practice Note in conjunction with the comments above.