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Articles will be listed as they are published in Communique, or as Seminar papers. The list is not hyperlinked to the articles. Many articles appear under multiple categories, only the primary category is shown here. Category = “All” will pick up all articles.

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16-Nov-2100 Current List of All Articles by Category then by TitleAll
01-Aug-18Consultant Selection Best PracticeConsultants; 
01-Aug-18Employees, freelancers, contractorsConsultants; 
03-Aug-23Reliance on, and co-ordination of trade and consultant adviceConsultants; 
01-Aug-18Estimates and budgetsCost Control
01-Aug-18Project BudgetsCost Control
15-Feb-21Project Cost Management – Not Snakes and LaddersCost Control
01-Aug-18Who is responsible for the budgetCost Control
15-Feb-21A Flaming Row:  signing off on specialist design inputDesign Management; 
17-Feb-21ACP PanelsDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Alteration projectsDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Asbestos Cement Materials (ACM)Design Management; 
15-Sep-21Balustrades and BarriersDesign Management; 
03-Aug-23Balustrades and BarriersDesign Management; 
03-Aug-23BIM –  Legal and Engagement ConsiderationsDesign Management; 
03-Aug-23BIM – Project Risk ManagementDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18But can they be TrustedDesign Management; 
17-Feb-21CAD file transfersDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Claims involving ConsultantsDesign Management; 
01-Feb-20Cross-leases covenants and planning controlsDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Design of WHRS remediation works.Design Management; 
01-Aug-18Documentation failuresDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Drone risks and requirementsDesign Management; 
03-Aug-23Engineered Stone RisksDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Fire Code changesDesign Management; 
17-Feb-21Fit for Purpose StatementsDesign Management; 
01-Sep-19Land Covenants, Unit Title restrictions and Cross Lease restrictionsDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Land Ownership RightsDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18NZBC E3Design Management; 
17-Feb-21NZS 3604, Lintels and importance levelsDesign Management; 
17-Feb-21Passive Fire Design  – Intumescent paint systemsDesign Management; 
15-Feb-21Passive Fire Design – Problems, Risks, ReferencesDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Peer reviewsDesign Management; 
03-Aug-23Pre-design site informationDesign Management; 
17-Feb-21Proprietary SystemsDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Risk Management and Environmental IssuesDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Site dimensioning problemsDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Skillion roofsDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Stainless SteelDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Understanding design obligations – The Contractor’s DutiesDesign Management; 
01-Aug-18Arbitration & Adjudication – Consumer protection provisionsDispute Management; 
01-Aug-18Building Act – Responsibilities of the partiesDispute Management; 
01-Aug-18Can a contractor (or subcontractor) make a claim against an architect?Dispute Management; 
03-Aug-23Causes of ClaimsDispute Management; 
03-Aug-23Collecting Fees from Reluctant ClientsDispute Management; 
01-Aug-18Complaints to NZRAB or BPBDispute Management; 
01-Aug-18Confidentiality in settlementsDispute Management; 
01-Aug-18Construction Contracts ActDispute Management; 
01-Aug-18Construction Contracts Act Amendment: incorporation of designersDispute Management; 
01-Aug-18Consumer Guarantees ActDispute Management; 
01-Nov-19Expert WitnessesDispute Management; 
15-Feb-21How long to keep recordsDispute Management; 
01-Aug-18Joint and several liabilityDispute Management; 
01-Aug-18Liability for Company DirectorsDispute Management; 
03-Aug-23NZRAB Disciplinary costsDispute Management; 
01-Aug-18Preparing for disputesDispute Management; 
01-Aug-18The Role of the Expert WitnessDispute Management; 
15-Feb-21What does it say – What does it meanDispute Management; 
03-Aug-23Do agreements for engagement need to be in writingEngagement & Fees; 
03-Aug-23Pro-bono work and PJsEngagement & Fees; 
01-Aug-18Changes to the Scope of ServicesEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
17-Feb-21Communication and the client experienceEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
17-Feb-21Communications – Put it in writingEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
01-Aug-18Completion CertificatesEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
01-Aug-18Conditions of Engagement:  are they Mandatory?Engagement, Clients & Fees; 
17-Feb-21Copyright in ArchitectureEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
17-Feb-21Engagement Terms – sign before designEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
15-Feb-21Get your fees and scope agreement agreed and signedEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
01-Aug-18Hold Harmless ClausesEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
01-Aug-18Limited Services – Minimizing the riskEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
17-Feb-21Non-standard terms of engagement (1)Engagement, Clients & Fees; 
17-Feb-21Non-standard terms of engagement (2)Engagement, Clients & Fees; 
01-Aug-18NZACS Guide to Better Agreements for ServicesEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
01-Aug-18On selling the project and selling out on the architectEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
01-Aug-18Partial servicesEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
01-Aug-18Recent NZRAB Ethics changesEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
01-Sep-19The Continuing Saga of Client-Imposed Agreements for Services Engagement, Clients & Fees; 
01-Aug-18When an Owner Wants a WarrantEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
17-Feb-21When contract terms shift the risks and responsibilitiesEngagement, Clients & Fees; 
01-Aug-18A Background to Insurance Insurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18Budgeting for ExcessInsurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18Common Insurance and Contractual TermsInsurance concepts & scope; 
23-Sep-22Cyber CoverInsurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18Cyber LiabilityInsurance concepts & scope; 
15-Feb-21Cyber Liability & Cyber RisksInsurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18Design/Build SituationsInsurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18Do I need Public Liability CoverInsurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18Home replacement insurance valuationsInsurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18Levels of PI CoverInsurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18No Claim for No Claims BonusInsurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18NZACS discretionary benefitInsurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18Runoff cover – requires updatingInsurance concepts & scope; 
15-Feb-21Selecting Professional Indemnity CoverInsurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18Steigrad – the caseInsurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18Which PI Policy should I take outInsurance concepts & scope; 
01-Aug-18Who is the InsuredInsurance concepts & scope; 
03-Aug-23Cyber Cover – matters for firms to reviewInsurance concepts and scope; 
03-Aug-23Should I NotifyInsurance concepts and scope; 
03-Aug-23The risks in being self-insuredInsurance concepts and scope; 
03-Aug-23What can influence the cost of insuranceInsurance concepts and scope; 
03-Aug-23What do you do when a client asks for your insurance certificateInsurance concepts and scope; 
03-Aug-23What level of cover should we carryInsurance concepts and scope; 
01-Nov-19Liaison with Government & Consultant GroupsNZACS History & Purpose
03-Aug-23NZACS – A Short History 1972 to 2022NZACS History & Purpose
22-Sep-22NZACS: 50 Years YoungNZACS History & Purpose
01-Aug-18Practice structures and family trustsPractice Administration; 
15-Feb-21Practice SurvivalPractice Administration; 
15-Feb-21Private JobsPractice Administration; 
15-Feb-21Slowing down?  An action list for Smaller FirmsPractice Administration; 
01-Aug-18Builders deposit before starting workProcurement & Contracts; 
17-Feb-21Completion StatementsProcurement & Contracts; 
03-Aug-23Contract Administration versus Contract ManagementProcurement & Contracts; 
03-Aug-23Covid or Supply-Chain Costs and DelaysProcurement & Contracts; 
15-Feb-21Covid19: project impactsProcurement & Contracts; 
01-Aug-18GuaranteesProcurement & Contracts; 
16-Nov-21ObservationProcurement & Contracts; 
03-Aug-23ObservationProcurement & Contracts; 
01-Aug-18Practical Completion CertificatesProcurement & Contracts; 
01-Aug-18Responding to Payment ClaimsProcurement & Contracts; 
01-Aug-18(Un)Proportional LiabilityRisk & Liability; 
03-Aug-23Certification of completionRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Claim StatisticsRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Claims are StressfulRisk & Liability; 
03-Aug-23Climate change and Natural DisastersRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Disputes and duties in Contract and in Tort arising out of Contract Administration.Risk & Liability; 
03-Aug-23Does the 10 year longstop still applyRisk & Liability; 
15-Sep-21Does the 10 year longstop still apply?Risk & Liability; 
17-Feb-21Free adviceRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18LBPs and RBWRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Leaky Buildings a retrospectiveRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Limitation (time) versus LiabilityRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Managing Risk 1- The Basics of Risk ManagementRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Managing Risk 2 -Identifying Risk within the FirmRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Managing Risk 3 – Identifying Risk External to the FirmRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Managing Risk 4 – Assessing and Quantifying RiskRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Managing Risk 5 – Allocating, Transferring and Mitigating RiskRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Managing Risk 6 – Interactive ChecklistRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Multiple Housing UnitsRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Notifiable situationsRisk & Liability; 
15-Sep-21NZRAB Disciplinary costsRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Problem clientsRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Project Initiation – a Good Kick-offRisk & Liability; 
15-Feb-21Reliance on, and co-ordination of trade and consultant adviceRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18The Cost of InnocenceRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18The Uninsured Cost of Professional Negligence AllegationsRisk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Why Claims Happen 1Risk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Why Claims Happen 2Risk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Why Claims Happen 3Risk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Why Claims Happen 4Risk & Liability; 
01-Aug-18Will a fee claim dispute lead to a negligence claimRisk & Liability; 
15-Sep-21A Grim Tale About Piggies and WolvesTales of Woe
03-Aug-23A Grim Tale About Piggies and WolvesTales of Woe
15-Feb-21A Sad Tale about FeesTales of Woe
01-Aug-18Tales of woe – Budgets and EstimatesTales of Woe
01-Aug-18Tales of woe – colours and selectionsTales of Woe
03-Aug-23Tales of Woe – Site informationTales of Woe
03-Aug-23Tales of Woe – Site survey mattersTales of Woe
03-Aug-23Tales of Woe – the perils of admitting liabilityTales of Woe
03-Aug-23Tales of Woe – Variations, warranties, costs, and deflectionsTales of Woe