Of the 206 recently closed claim files in 2021, 20% were closed without anything much happening, and 50% were for matters outside the architect’s scope or control.

Drilling down a bit deeper:

Issues within the control or scope of the architect:

12% design issues/mistakes/ambiguities/uncertainties

5% cost over-runs

4% communication problems

4% inadequate site information (including HIRB)

Client-sourced issues:

6% vexatious clients

4% fee disputes

Contractor/consultant/external causes:

19% contractor/subcontractor/consultant

8% material failure (typically fibrecement, tiling, wood floors, corrosion)

Many notifications have multiple causes, and for some of them the reasons only emerge after digging into the facts and allegations, with the primary cause perhaps still in doubt.

It is important to notify a potential claim, because if you do not do so, and the claim escalates, the insurers may not be at all happy that they did not have the opportunity to deal with the claim before it escalated.