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Membership Benefits

Members of NZACS gain access to PI Insurance at bulk discount rates and assistance in
times of need by experienced architects.

Cautionary Tale

Completion Certificates.  

The usual purposes of completion certificates are to verify practical completion in terms of the contract, and/or sufficient for occupation, and/or as required for finance purposes. 

If defects are later discovered, there is a potential for a claim on the basis that you approved unacceptable work. 

Do not be pressured into issuing a certificate you may later have cause to regret. 

Do not assume that “conditions” you attach to a certificate will later be interpreted as you intend.

Application for Membership of NZACS

Membership Form

The application for membership form is available as a pdf file.  

Mail the completed form with your cheque for $50 to :

              The Secretary


               C/- Kendons Chartered Accountants Ltd

               PO Box 31045

               LOWER HUTT 5040 

If accepted as a member, you will receive an invoice marked "paid" from the Secretary, NZACS.

If applying for PI insurance, this may be done at the same time by filling in the application for PI cover.

Application for PI Cover

PI Cover Application

E-mail the completed form to:

or post to:  Aon New Zealand

                  PO Box 2517

                  WELLINGTON 6140

If accepted for cover, you will be sent a notice of the assessed premium for your acceptance, and the cover will come into force when Aon receives your acceptance. You will then be invoiced for the cover. Before being accepted for cover, Aon needs to confirm with the Secretary of NZACS that you are a member. If you are not, you may use the application for membership form (pdf file 38KB) on this site.

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